New Sequence
San Francisco, CA, United States

Listed by Pamela-Lewis

New Sequence provides comprehensive NGS services with unparalleled customer service and fast turnaround time. We are experts in DNA, RNA, and miRNA library generation, sequencing, and data analysis. Our scientists help tailor experiments to satisfy your needs with expert and friendly service.


Small RNA Sequencing

Profile all short, non-coding RNA from any organism without the need for reference sequences. Detect novel microRNAs even with low inputs using our custom developed highly sensitive methods. Practical applications include biomarker discovery and miRNA expression profiling.

16S rRNA sequencing

16S sequencing enables unparalleled insight of microbial communities, enabling researchers to study a variety of microbiomes such as soil and intestinal flora. New Sequence offers sequencing and analysis of 16S rRNA gene for bacterial communities.

Illumina NGS

New Sequence accepts sequencing ready libraries in addition to DNA and RNA for our high quality library generation services. All samples are quantified using our unique HT1 qPCR assay, ensuring maximum data output for each run.

Sequencing of PCR amplicons

High throughput PCR amplicon sequencing on Illumina MiSeq. Sequence amplicons up to 600bp at full length without assembly.

New Sequence offers PCR amplicon library generation services in two formats. Customers may submit a pool of PCR amplicons for library prep using a ligation format or SeqMatic may help customers redesign primers for library prep using a PCR step out format. Please request a quote for details.