We offer a broad range of antibody engineering and characterization assays for lead identification and optimization. We have extensive experience in reconfiguring antibodies into a variety of formats and rapid production at various scales. Additionally, we routinely perform antibody humanization, affinity maturation and optimization, creating antibodies for numerous applications, including therapeutics. Binding confirmation and affinity measurement of the antibodies produced can be performed using an assortment of methods, including Octet (biolayer interferometry BLI), ELISA and flow cytometry. In conjunction with antibody generation, protein analytics, and cell line development services, the LakePharma antibody engineering and production platform provides end-to-end service for antibody discovery and development.
LakePharma provides stable cell line generation services in three different categories. Cell lines suitable for in vitro assays can be generated in a rapid and cost-efficient manner in a variety of host cell lines provided by the client. CHO stable cell lines for bioproduction are suitable for small scale manufacturing of proteins and antibodies. Biologics production cell lines are specifically made to ensure the highest yield and quality of products, and are suitable for GMP manufacturing. In addition to cell line development services, LakePharma provides scale-up bioproduction using stable cell lines.
Utilizing multiple technology platforms, LakePharma offers a range of services and solutions to identify novel monoclonal antibodies and determine their nucleotide sequence. Antibodies can be developed through classic hybridoma technology; as an alternative to hybridoma development, LakePharma offers construction and screening of scFv libraries using phage display. Once a hybridoma that produces antibodies with the desired properties is identified, the heavy and light chain variable regions can be cloned, which establishes the identity of the antibodies and enables the expression and production of full-length recombinant antibodies. In addition to hybridomas from multiple species, clonal B cells, including single cells, can be used as the starting point for molecular cloning. LakePharma can also provide de novo sequencing of an antibody by mass spectrometry when the starting material is a pure monoclonal antibody and the source of DNA is not available.


16S sequencing enables unparalleled insight of microbial communities, enabling researchers to study a variety of microbiomes such as soil and intestinal flora. New Sequence offers sequencing and analysis of 16S rRNA gene for bacterial communities.

Illumina NGS

New Sequence
New Sequence accepts sequencing ready libraries in addition to DNA and RNA for our high quality library generation services. All samples are quantified using our unique HT1 qPCR assay, ensuring maximum data output for each run.
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